An individualized welcoming

Acacia Nursery offers each child and his parents an individualized welcoming. The staff makes sure that the separation, which can be a stressful time, is done smoothly and in the least traumatizing way possible for both parents and child. The teachers and assistants work in close collaboration with families by communicating daily with a correspondence book and by taking the time to interact and to recount the child's day.

he teachers take care to establish, to develop and to strengthen the links of confidence with the children who are entrusted to them while at the same time respecting their educational choices, their cultural identity, and their values. A harmonious and open communication, without any skill rivalry, is essential in order for the children to feel safe and welcome. The staff implements everything to permit the child to join the group smoothly.

Games, activities and language

Every year, the children are immersed in a bilingual environment, which consists of one day in French and one day in English. Games and activities are conducted in both languages and are aimed to develop the language, motor functions, socialization and autonomy of the child. Each age group is developed according to the intellectual and psychomotor development of the children. In the section "Eveil" (early years), the child makes discoveries (his body, language, the world etc...); In the section "Horizon" (Horizon), he appropriates them and in the section "Envol" (Flying Start), he increases his knowledge.

The system that we have set up seeks to keep a balance between the two languages in terms of time devoted to the activities. Every week a different theme is assigned in French and in English: animals, transportation, the house, fruits and vegetables, celebrations and parties, the body, etc...These are a few of the many themes that enable a child to discover the world step by step.

All of our teachers are French or English natives and our Thai assistants are bilingual or specialized in one language. "One adult in one language" is a basic yet crucial principle that we have implemented so that the child matches one language with each adult, thus allowing for a steady and easy acquisition of both languages simultaneously.

Furthermore, the teachers pay particular attention to the children with linguistic difficulties. Free play and calm periods, in the presence of the adult, are also offered and they are high points for experimentation, which is an important component in Acacia.

Socialization and autonomy

The mission of the nursery is also to initiate the child to live in a group and to anticipate his schooling. The child learns to respect others, to share, to accept limits, to wait for his turn...Therefore, he can structure himself and build his personality. Acacia Nursery works with children at their own rhythm and assists them smoothly towards an autonomy that will encourage and support their psychomotor, emotional and intellectual development.


Meals are moments of pleasure, of conviviality, of exchanges, of discoveries of new flavours and of new textures. The younger children are fed on request and the diversification with new food is made in relation with each family. Specific diets in case of allergies or food choices of families (halal alimentation, casher...) are respected. The team encourages the autonomy of a child who learns progressively and at his own pace to eat by himself and with cutlery. Meals are also a great time for socializing where we have to wait for our turn, listen to others, say "please" and "thank you" , and wash our hands before and after meals.

Emotional life and safety

Self-esteem and love take up an essential place in the development of a child giving him the strength to confront the outside world. Each member of staff knows how to be encouraging, whether by a look, with words, a cuddle or a reassuring gesture, so that each child feels loved and safe, but without taking the place of the parents. The nursery staff respects the privacy period when a child isolates himself, relaxes, dreams or plays alone. These free times are essential because they allow him to develop his imagination, his personality, and to cultivate his own gifts, thereby making the integration of acquisitions easier. Each child is unique and evolves at his own pace and it is essential not to compare him with another child. A child can keep his comfort blanket, if he wants to, during the nursery time.

Nappy and toilet training

Nappy changing has to be made with great respect of the child's body and as often as necessary, watching over the good state of his skin and taking care of it if needed. The toilet training is an important step of the corporal and social development of the young child. Potty-chair and toilet training will be made progressively according to the physiological and psychological maturity of each child and in agreement with the parents. Training is progressive and without constraint.


Sleeping is an important factor of the child's development. However, for some children, going to sleep is sometimes a difficult moment, which can be a source of anxiety. After a return to a calm state, children go to bed with a comfort blanket, pacifier or any other object that reassures them. The team makes sure that each child sleeps enough and can have a rest at any time during the day. Children get up progressively according to their waking period, which allows each child to wake up smoothly and at his own rhythm.

Open-mindedness to the world

In Acacia, children are immersed from their youngest age in a cosmopolitan and polyglot atmosphere that allows them to develop a certain open-mindedness. The nursery welcomes children from different nationalities (French, Thai, English, Singaporean, German, Belgian, Swiss, Canadian, Japanese, Filipino, Burmese, etc...) It supports an absolute cultural immersion, as the teachers, who come from different cultures, approach the languages according to their own references and background.
Our calendar is regulated by important moments like Christmas, Songkran (Thai New Year day), Mother's day, Father's day and many others. Children's birthdays are also celebrated. All these moments are magical and sources of joy, complicity, pleasure and enable the children to know and to understand each other better. As such, it is important for us to include the families in these celebrations.

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